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Big Green Egg

big-green-egg-familyThe Ultimate Cooking Experience

SAVE BIG WITH CLOSEOUT PRICES ON ALL BIG GREEN EGG PRODUCTS. After almost 2 decades of selling Big Green Egg, we’ve decided we just can’t keep up with the market. That doesn’t mean we don’t believe in and LOVE the Egg.  When you purchase an EGG, you know your investment is protected by a successful, experienced company with a worldwide reputation for best-in-class products and unmatched customer service. Be sure to stop in to pick up one of our few remaining Eggs and Eggcessories. There are several local dealers, so warranty and support would still apply. Big Green Egg – the best grill, smoker, and oven around.


Sear the perfect steaks, pork chops or burgers on the EGG. High temperature “steak house” grilling – even at 750º F / 400º C – is quick and easy! Using the two dampers for accurate control, you can lower the heat to a more moderate temperature for other grilled foods. Fish and seafood turn out moist and tender with a flavor-packed crust unmatched by other grills.


Using the indirect cooking method with a convEGGtor, the Big Green Egg bakes bread, pizza, casseroles, cobblers and pies better than your kitchen oven … you may never cook indoors again! The Big Green Egg retains heat and moisture so well that foods don’t dry out! Poultry, lamb, beef and vegetables are naturally tastier because the juices and flavors stay locked inside.


The insulating ceramics of the Big Green Egg allow you to precisely control the temperature even at low heat. A controllable 200 to 350°F / 93 to 177°C gives succulent results with turkey, ham, lamb, chicken, ribs or any of your favorite cuts, infusing them with the aromatic wood smoke flavor. Want to slow cook at low heat for sixteen to eighteen hours … no problem!
Frequently asked questions about The Big Green Egg
What comes with the Egg?

The Big Green Egg includes the EGG itself, hardware and interior components including the stainless steel cooking grid and high-quality external temperature gauge. Your Egg set-up is completely customizable, which is why Tables, Nests, Modular pieces, and EggMates are all sold separately. 

Where is the Big Green Egg manufactured?

The Big Green Egg is the original American-designed ceramic cooker, and all the components are made in North America. The proprietary ceramic components of the Big Green Egg are manufactured in Mexico at an advanced technology facility that has earned ISO14001:2004 Environmental Certification and ISO9001-1944 Quality Certifications. The Bands, Hinge Assembly, External Temperature Gauge and Stainless Steel Cooking Grids are all designed and manufactured in the United States of America. To our knowledge, there is no kamado cooker on the market that actually consists of 100% American made components throughout.

Can I use charcoal briquettes or lighter fluid in the EGG?
Please don’t! Briquettes contain a variety of materials, including nitrates, chemicals, anthracite coal, limestone, treated wood, starch, sawdust or petroleum by-products. Does anyone really want to cook with those additives? We recommend using only Big Green Egg 100% Natural Lump Charcoal for a clean, controllable fuel source. Natural lump charcoal burns efficiently and produces very little ash, so cleanup is easy. NEVER USE LIGHTER FLUID or charcoal products that contain lighter fluid … you don’t need it and you don’t want the chemical taste on your food. Our Natural Charcoal Starters or Electric Starters are designed to start your EGG quickly and cleanly.
What is a convEGGtor and why should I have one?

The convEGGtor is used for indirect cooking on the Big Green Egg, providing a barrier between the food and the flame and turning your EGG into an outdoor convection oven. The design of the convEGGtor allows heat to radiate within the dome while preventing the direct heat of the fire from reaching the food. Nothing will contribute greater versatility to your outdoor cooking than adding a convEGGtor to your EGGcessories collection. With a convEGGtor, your Egg becomes an oven in which you can bake delectable pizzas, breads, pies, cakes, brownies, and more, in addition to the juiciest meats and veggies. 

What is the warranty on my Egg?

When you purchase an EGG, your investment in this amazing product is protected by a successful company with a reputation for manufacturing excellence, and we are committed to supporting our products with the original limited lifetime warranty on all ceramic and some metal parts and best-in-class customer service support. When you invest in a Big Green Egg you are protected by a company with over forty years of success making the finest product of its type in the world today.

How often do you clean the egg?

Other than removing ash, wiping the outside, and brushing the cooking grid, regular cleaning is not necessary. Ash should be removed regularly to keep the fire box flowing air properly.  Inside, residual heat burns off grease build-up, but whenever you want to freshen up the Egg, you can burn it at a high heat to singe away residue – just like a self-cleaning oven. Other than that, the Big Green Egg features a distinctive green exterior with a lifetime glaze that maintains its good looks and wipes clean easily without chemical cleaners. As part of annual maintenance, removal and brushing off the internal parts is recommended for optimal function of the EGG. DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICAL CLEANERS IN THE EGG.